As you might have already noticed, my blog was only reachable by IPv6, and I have gotten so many complaints from people that were unable to reach it. Therefore, I have decided to create a new subdomain that will serve content over IPv4, and you can access the blog at:

Yes, the IPv4 is easier and it already works fine, but we are now in 2020, and we have seen so much news already about the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. The solution has been here all this time just the adoption rates are depressingly slow. Therefore, I initially decided to make this blog IPv6 only to encourage IPv6 usage, and make the internet end-to-end addressable just as it was designed in the first place. Also, you could use my TOR hidden service.

Some might think that NAT and their router would protect them from the outside dangerous and wild internet. But this is simply not true. Think about the router you use. And now search for CVEs for that vendor. Do you really think that outdated firmware shipped with your device doesn't have any scary vulnerabilities? I don't think so... Having one device with questionable security in front of your computer doesn't make your data any safer.

In Asia, more specifically in Japan, there are some websites already available via IPv6 only. The number of "smart" devices we put on the internet is increasing exponentially. IPv4 is simply not enough. If you manage a network, website and can migrate to IPv6 please do so, it does take a while to get used to it, but it comes with lots of benefits.