This privacy policy sets out how uses any information that you either explicitly or automatically send when using this website. I am deeply concerned with your privacy as a visitor of this website, and below you will find details about how any and all data is handled.

The web server (openBSD httpd plus relayd) and Ghost engine write log files with the access path, user agent string and the IP addresses of the client accessing this website. These are used for troubleshooting in the event of a crisis and are otherwise not evaluated. This information is also removed on log rotation. Since there are no user accounts, no tracking cookies or similar and the website is read-only, I do not consider these log files as personal.

Access to these logs is restricted to myself only, and the log data has never been requested nor provided to any third party, and will never be provided under any circumstances. The server itself is a Virtual Private Server hosted with Contabo. To prevent the provider from accessing the data I have set up full disk encryption while booting from the VPN console to grub command line manually. Even so, I cannot guarantee this website's security, since it's impossible to have perfectly secure software, but I try my best to make unauthorized access to this server unlikely, by the use of limited local accounts, regular updates, strong security practices and regular security assessments.

If you wish to hide the IP address too, a TOR address for the blog is provided. This way only the access will be recorded, then deleted on log rotation.

This website contains links to external services. I assume no responsibility for the content linked from this blog.

Unlike most of the websites on the web, no third party service will be accessed automatically once you open, so your browser will communicate to this server only.

The website works perfectly fine with no JavaScript at all, and you can read it with any text-based browser, if you wish.

This website is for educational purposes only, it doesn't attempt to make any kind of profit, so there will never be ads nor sponsors here.

Apart from that, no data is collected, stored or evaluated in any form.